Open Water KAYAKING Course



The Philippine Kayaking Association, Inc. (PKA), an association of recreational paddlers in the country since May 1997, is announcing the start of its formal Kayaking Courses for 2008.


PKA is inviting novice paddlers and water sports enthusiast for the first Open Water Kayaking Course. The entire course will require three full days: 20-21 September (weekend overnight); and 4 October (Saturday graduation run). Base camp is at Caylabne Bay Resort (1-2 hrs by land from Manila or about 80kms) in Ternate, Cavite, where separate rates for air-conditioned rooms are also available.


Training description

It is a hands-on training for open water kayaking utilizing sit-on-top kayak boats (self-bailing, non-sinkable, and open-cockpit kayak boats). It involves inshore & offshore kayaking runs to gain proficiency and confidence in handling different types of sea conditions.


Target participants

It is recommended for water-sports enthusiast and novice paddlers but also applicable for sea kayakers who simply want to fine tune their seamanship skills for recreational purposes.


Ideal profile

Participants must display a minimum amount of qualities for an effective and more enjoyable training experience. For example, confident to swim and tread water; does regular exercise; no ailments, no serious heart condition; and has good disposition in the face of varying sea conditions. Accompanying minors can be given a modified recreational course with advance notice.


Expected output

After this course, the graduate is expected to be proficient in paddling sit-on-top kayak boats for offshore trips. He/she is encouraged to go on his own paddling adventures & expeditions with family or friends and immediately enjoy the benefits of his/her training.


Next level

The graduate is highly encouraged to develop further his seamanship skills and paddling skills if he is to attempt sea crossings or large lakes whether solo or in groups. One can only improve by spending more time on the water whether short runs or longer expeditions. Support boats and hi-technology communication tools including GPS are not always available and their absence should not hinder a recreational kayaker with adequate paddling and seamanship skills. A constant necessity is to do thorough planning (if possible w/ charts), proper outfitting, timing the ideal sea conditions, and a lot of common sense. With more precision without taking the fun out of it, one can learn through experience how to navigate from the seat of your pants.


Mechanics :

1.        Reservations are required and down payment. Full rate of the course is Php5,500 per kayaker.

2.       Inclusions: sit-on-top kayaking rentals & support boat, Caylabne entrance fees & use of its resort facilities, training instruction by PKA, and meals good for three days.

3.       Exclusions: transportation to and from Manila; insurance; personal effects & toiletries; camping tents & sleeping bags. Note that Caylabne offers air-conditioned rooms but separately available with advance booking.

4.       Car pool policy: PKA has no official van but in case generous drivers abound then we will ask passengers to pay them some small fee (to defray gas or toll fee).

5.       Cancellation policy: only if a typhoon is in Cavite or very dangerous sea conditions.

6.       Refund policy: none. The trip can be rescheduled if no. 5 happens.

7.       Optional things to bring: personal or specialized gear & apparel (if the kayaker has them), camera, sighting compass, compact binoculars, Ternate nautical charts, energy bars, biscuits, lightweight dry bags/aquapacks, etc.

8.       Necessary things to bring: if camping out you need tent/sleeping bag/mat/blanket/pillow (limited tents at base camp), sports/swim apparel/rash guard, sunscreen lotion, hat, windbreaker, toiletries, medicines, off lotion, hydration pack, etc.

9.       Procedure for no. 1: fill up the form below and email to and contact Mr. Felix Baguilat to confirm receipt at Globe cell: 0917-8856299 or Ms. Violet at 5157964


Please answer and send back to PKA (type and email, pls, ty):

Complete Name:

Complete Birthdate:

Complete Address:

Complete Contact Details: (email and cell and landline)

The person and contact data in case of emergency:

How did you know about the course & please state your objective or interest in joining?

How are you planning to travel to base camp (Caylabne) & where will you come from?

Provide your state of physical condition & related medical info:

Provide your paddling experience and other sports/hobbies:

Thank you for showing interest in this outing.

We will contact you soon.

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