GenSan to Kornadal to Tacurong to Kabacan Sept 15

DAY 3 Sept 15 Wed

Woke up really early, opened the cable tv to dose again, woke up 7am. Finished the chocolate bread and 1 kilo of mangosteen while watching the am news, will and grace and fraiser again. Check out 9am, when to Ryan’s Lechon house to check out the pork lechon and it is just ok.

Took a tricycle to Gaisano for the van terminal to Polomolok, Got off Sweet Valley to buy some dehydrated fruits for pasalubong. Saw a glazed crickets vendor along the way, crickets like in Cambodia, but this one is sweeter. I am tempted to much on them, but I remember my allergic reaction with swelling mouth. I thought the bugs are chips, I did not realize that I am already swelling. So I just took photos of it.

 Then proceeded to the town.


Mr. Rayman met me warmly, introduce me to their Municipal Admin, Vice Mayor and group of Indigenous Blaan Leaders. The tribal community here said they are running out of weavers because everybody have good education already. I told them that they can include it in their MAPE subject both grade school and high school. Then they also have few abaca plant because of lack of financial resources and land to plant, because Dole Philippines planted pineapples. Dole is leasing the land, hope some money will go to provide conservation of their arts and culture of the  Blaan Tribe.


Then we went to Durian Farm, ate durian ice cream, bought durian cubes, yema, polvoron, durian pie. I smell like durian already he he he he he. FYI fresh durian is very high in cholesterol.

The van to Koronadal is almost fully loaded but was given to get the front seat beside the driver. There are people who need to ride along the way but we cannot accommodate them. I ask the driver why not drive a jeep where he can accommodate as many as he can, save on gas, more income and also put products on the roof. Then he said, nobody wants to ride a jeep.  I went to think, this van culture is not environment friendly.

I got off at Koronadal City to a Yellow bus to Tacurong City where I got on a Rural Bus to Kabacan. The trip pass thru Maguindanao where I saw famous surnames of Mangundadatu’s and Ampatuan’s. Saw a big tarpaulin the massacre also. The rotondas center look so elegant and royal. Saw lots of mosques. Passed by Pres.Quirino, Tulunan, Mlang, and Matalam. The farm lands of rice and bananas are soooo lovely. The houses are really small and simple most are standing on small water. To my right is the grand Mt. Apo, but it is hidden under heavy rain clouds. The road trip is worth taking, I’ve learn so much, and much more if I get to immerse in the community to write my dream book.

Arriving in Kabacan, the town looks happy and busy, took a tricycle to University of South Mindanao, ate my dinner first and check in the university hostel. Greeted by a tree with loud chirping birds. It is another very lovely place as lovely as my host Mrs. A.Salik. A lovely place to rest for the night.


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