Maitum to Maasim Sarangani to GenSan Sept 14 Tues

DAY 2 Sept 14 Tuesday

Maitum morning is sooo peaceful, cool and serene. Walked to the market to look for local fruits but they are still close. Ate a great breakfast (anchovies,  sunny side up eggs, pineapple, embotido and durian, yes durian, fresh durian for breakfas). Got free ride to Lemlunay where I will see my dream reefballs. Pouring of Divine Providence.

 On the way to Lemlunay, I got a chance to take photos of a logging truck full of woods (don’t know if legal or illegal, both ways are bad for environment). Saw also the community of  . . . . . which I intentionally did not take photos of. Then I saw the land where a Coal mine is planned to build, which have a big sign “Community Based Program”  which is heavily gated. Wondering if it is for the community why is it well fenced and barren. Coal Mine is not good for the environment and the community.


My dream dive will come true, seeing the reefballs of  Sarangani. Told Dennis that if I don’t see at least 1 reef ball I will not pay. Lo and behold, I saw a 6storey reef balls, and took a look inside, then saw another one, then another one, then another one then more. Happyness. The strong current ride around the area was also so fun. Saw lots of fish, abundant of soft corals, turtles, hard corals, and surprises.

Joined the Women’s Org for lunch, got to know them more, plans to make more livelihood for their own communities. I thought the plan for more livelihood is because the housewives don’t have anything to do. I am corrected, the extra livelihood is something more to do after the regular farm work and regular home gardening. God bless the husbands of these ladies and the community where they live. Love the dreams of this women, GOD will surely bless them so much.

2nd dive was another adventure, the current is more stronger this time, and we are moving like we are flying fast. It is recommended for advance divers to make sure that no corals will be hit by the speeding divers. He he he. Woohoo!!!

Got a ride from the resort to take me back to GenSan. Found my hotel, it is a one of the oldest in GenSan. Walked around, ate dinner, saw the market, bought half kilo of lanzones for P10 and 1kilo of mangosteen for P 20, saw the Queen Tuna Park, finished the lanzones and back to the hotel and watched Fraiser, Dragon ball and update this travel blog.

2 responses to “Maitum to Maasim Sarangani to GenSan Sept 14 Tues

  1. Maitum,

    I am sorry to disappoint you…you should not pay Dennis….those structures are not genuine Reef Balls, rather they are poorly done (and illegal I might add) copies.

    Real Reef Balls provide far better habitat and a greater diversity of marine species. See to learn how to recognize Reef Balls.

    • Blessed Day Todd,

      Warm greetings from the Philippines.
      1. Dennis is employed by South Point Divers of Sarangani. He just need a decent job.

      2. I saw the reef balls, in my ignorant orientation, have marine life inside as shelter or something. I think it was made by Cambridge Dive in GenSan. And I think the intention is good and the cost of making it is cheaper.

      3. Please communicate with these 2 diveshops and let them know. Please tell me, where is the authentic reefball. Please post more informatin at

      Thank you very much and GOD Bless
      Carpe Diem

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