Kabacan, Pikit, Midsayap, Cotabato City, Sultan Kudarat, Koronadal, Surella, Lake Sebu Sept 16

Day 4 Sept 16 Thursday

Woke up by the chirping birds. Went down to walk around, found the grade school, and a small carinderia where they are making patel (Kabacan) or pastel (Cotabato). It is a local delicacy where rice is wrapped around the banana leaves and some chicken or fish toppings on top.

Walked around Kabacan and left 10am via Weena bus to Cotabato City. Want to do this route to enjoy another magnificent views like the day before, which is indeed as beautiful.  Passed by Pikit, Aleosan, Libungan, Midsayap, and Pigcawayan, feasting my eyes on the wonderful sceneries that is full of rich agricultural plantation.

 Arrived in Cotabato City after 2 and half hour, then got on a jeep to Awang where Husky bus terminal is. Meet Maricar, ate the patel with her as welcome meal. Got on Husky Aircon Bus to Marbel.  


The route from Cotabato City to Sultan Kudarat is really a super disappointment. To my left and right are bare farmland. I wonder how people eat? I wonder how their political leaders sleep? I wonder why do they want so much money, if the community is soooo hungry.

Lake Sebu Tourism was very accommodating in my text inquiries on how to go to the lake. Edna made sure that we make it for the night. She asked me if we wana stay in Artacho (no guest) or Punta Isla (w so many guest). Chose Artacho because we don’t want so many people.

Got off at Marbel and transferred to Yellow bus (P22) going to Suralla. Got 1 kilo of Lansones for P20 and 1kilo of mangoesteen for also P20. We are planing to have it for dinner, but the lanzones did not made it to the Poblacion during the jeep ride (P24) going to Lake Sebu. The ride going up to Lake Sebu was spectacular. Observed that if a passenger is living at the left side of the road, the jeep will stop at the left side of the road, so the passenger don’t have to cross the street, even thou we are parked against the flow of traffic. Very sweet drivers! Very scenic during the redish dusk. The whole lake was great. Very refreshing and serene.

Maricar got her first  habal habal (10) adventure to go to Artacho Resort. Our motorbike is comfortable, because of a good shock absorber.

At the resort we are greeted with badly lighted reception area.  The owners are not excited to have guest even Lake Sebu Tourism office made the reservation for us already. They said everybody went to Holy Mass (ok why do we need to know that). The I asked for the menu so we can order our dinner, and he gave me the menu, and which reminded me that the reception is badly lighted so I cannot read it. No welcome drinks, didn’t even offer a seat, so we seat our selves in the dining area. The reason why they cannot check us in, is because all the staff are really out on church, they don’t know where the keys are. Told them why bring all the keys to church.

We are waiting at the dining area overlooking the lake for 20minutes, when  all the staff arrived. They are very attentive, took our dinner order immediately. Asked me to come over the badly lighted reception area to write in the guest registration. Told them will do that if they already have a well lighted reception area. They showed us our way to our room where the hallways have walls with cobwebs, walls have mess file of soda and beer cases, stairs in uneven wooden steps, room with dusty cabinet, bathroom with out trashbin and cloth lines to hang on. Got our 2 queen beds with own private toilet and bath for P500. Should I still complain???? Oh by the way, they have a new swimming pool refilling with fresh new spring water, which is not part of your accommodation payment.


The dinner at the badly lighted dining area was EXCELLENT!!! Had Nilagpang na Tilapia at Chicharon Tilapia. Thank you to the cook who made our day. The vegetable I thought to be asparagus was a deadly green chilly. Thank you to the badly lighted area. I munch on the killer chilly 3x and got ignited with fire of super spice. Our butler got me some sugar to melt in my mouth so it will neutralize the spice and it worked. Finish enjoying our lovely dinner.

 Tourism office said this is a wifi area, but when I tried to get connected it is on limited signal. I don’t know what that is, but I know my laptop is ok, because I got easy connection in South Point. I asked Maricar to check the connection, and all her engineers said all connection is strong. I am beginning to reflect and beginning to think why there are more people in Punta Isla.

Late in the evening Punta Isla videoke is still playing. hmmm maybe we are in a better resort. This noise is disturbing nature, guests from the resort and other resort and local community. Hope Lake Sebu tourism will take note of this. Really noisy.


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