Aldevinco, Bankerohan, Eagle Sanctuary, SM, Manila Sept 21

Day  9 Sept 21 Tue

Woke up 6:30 am with out water. The hotel water system is broken and the staff have to bring pails of water for our morning moments. We had our buffet breakfast for P200, the glass noodles and champorado are great (yun lang). Maricar loved the steamed potato w basil and butter. The bread is not freshly backed.

We went to Aldavinco to shop for Authentic Davao/Mindanao souvenir products like marong, sarong, tubao, ref magnets, shawl etc. Unfortunately most of the blouses I like are from bankok and Malaysia. I said I am not buying imported products and will patronize and promote our own products. I wonder why they put non Filipino products in the market, when it will compete with our own products. The owner said, they are cheaper because there is a government support to the makers. Oh oh oh oh

Then meet Ms. Lynda, our host (who joined the Sagada Trip before with Maricar), meet Tita Bing, and took us to Bankerohan and help us buy pomelo (P 40/kl) and other cheap fruits. Then we picked up Tita Norma at Toril and proceeded to the Eagle Sanctuary.

The sanctuary looks so much different 10 years ago when I last visited. I am super happy that I visited it again, sponsored a block for me and my parents to help in the sustainability of the sanctuary.

Then we went to SM to get some more durian candies for pasalubong, then Lichies bakeshop for the durian bar, then to the airport , pick up durian polvoron, durian macaroons and durian piyaya. Upon checking in, PAL gave us 5kilos more free, so we were able to check in all the fruits and pasalubong. I love the plane, but the mini tv is not working. Was able to use their radio, thou.

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