Talicod Island, around and under the sea of Samal to Davao Sept 19

Day 7 Sept 19 Sun 


I inhale love to exhale hate

I inhale encouragement to exhale discouragement

I inhale positivity to exhale negativity

I inhale peace to exhale anger

I inhale generosity to exhale greediness

I inhale compassion to exhale selfishness

I inhale hardwork to exhale laziness

I inhale creativity to exhale dullness

I inhale divine providence so I can be abundant

I inhale mental growth so I can do mentorship

I inhale emotional intelligence so I can understand more

I inhale spiritual intelligence so I can be closer to my Creator

I inhale blessing so I can bless others

I inhale miracles so I can be one

I inhale love so I can be loved

I inhale Jesus Christ

I am always up at 4 am, no mater what time I sleep in the evening. This is the time God talk to me, because I am still brain dead, no thoughts but just do silent worship. 5am will start to update and edit this travel blog. Birds starts to chirp, dawn has set.

While having a lovely breakfast, beach front, wonderful meal.. . . . the mosquitoes are having us for breakfast also.

The Dive boat got us 9:30am, met Maeng, set up my own gear. Met divers from Taiwan, Malaysia, Germany, Canada, China, Japan  and dove behind Samal Island twice. Maricar had her intro dive and I think will get hooked also (he he he he)

After the dive we checked in our funny hotel, the entrance is a motel and at the end of the road is ours. We always have to explain to our taxi drivers, sir there is really a hotel at the of the road, promise. And the drivers will always laugh.

We ate at Iron Horse P99/pax, it is just ok. Sea Foods are really sooo great. Then meet Janice and had coffee with her and ate my durian Sansrival. I wana try Durian cheese cake, durian halo halo, durian coffee, durian crepe and more.


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