SCUBA DIVING: Open Water Course




And rub elbows with Nemo, Dory and friends in their lush and colorful marine forest. Enjoy the crystal clear waters with extensive coral reefs that host thousands of species of marine life.  After the certification you can rent gears anywhere in the world to go diving.


OPEN WATER COURSE – the most popular dive program in the world!!! Plus Scuba Diving Community is one of the coolest people in the world, too!!! You’ll & your friend will become one of the coolest person, too.

PADI – The Professional Association of Diving Instructors a dive company that sets the standards in global diving community

Optional Freebies : for group of 5pax and up

  1. Swimming Lesson
  2. Marine Life Appreciation Session



TRIVIA: 462 recorded coral species in the Philippines (highest in the world; higher than the Great Barrier Reef)

Open Water Course:

2 to 3 students P12,500

4 to 5 students P11,000

6 and above students P10,000

Course Inclusions:

  • PADI Open Water Diver License
  • PADI Open Water Manual
  • Dive Table
  • Full scuba gear rental
  • Classroom rental
  • Pool rental
  • Tank rental
  • Dive Logbook
  • Underwater photos

Course exclusions:

  • Overnight actual open water dives
  • Roundtrip transportation to Batangas
  • Tips for the boatman
  • Dive Pass
  • Bar drinks or soda



What’s going to happen?

1. We will be giving your materials (Open Water Manual and Dive Table) prior to the classroom for the theories.

2. The book must be read and understood. It has 5 Knowledge Reviews every after chapter, which needed to be answered before the class. The instructor will be collecting them by the time we meet for the theories and will be checking it.

3. When the book has been read and all Knowledge Reviews are completed, you can contact the instructor as to when you are available for the classroom.

4. We set the date for classroom and pool session for your skills.

5. When the theories and pool skills are completed, then we will schedule the Open Water dives on a resort according to the students availability. It is 2 days and 1 night (overnight).

6. We will be going together to the resort in Batangas, you can ride with us or bring your own transpo.

7. In the resort, there’ll be a briefing, then dive. There will be 4 dives for 2 days, in which you will be asked to do skills on an open water which you have performed and completed in the pool.

8. If everything is done, then you are a certified Open Water Diver. Congratulations!


Overnight Open Water Dive = P4500-5000


Overnight resort accommodation

full board meal (1 breakfast, 2 lunch, 1 dinner, 2 snacks)

boat transfers

Full scuba gear rental

unlimited tank

boat dives (optional)

* The class or dives can be done any day during the week, it doesn’t matter if it’s a weekday or a weekend, the students availability is our priority and we plan it according to their time.


Oct 23 to 25 Deadline of 50% confirmation Oct 18 Monday

Oct 30 to Nov 1 Deadline of 50% confirmation on Oct 25 Monday

Nov  27 to 30 Deadline of 50% confirmation on Nov 15 Monday



  • Book and Buy Reservation Earliest possible to get your travel goal well organized.
  • Please Fill up the blanks below and email to

Company/Group: _______________________

Contact Person :___________________________

Land Line ___________________

Cellphone :_______________________

Email Address:______________________

Target EcoTour: ___________________

Target Date of Travel :________________

Number of Participants: _______________

Incomplete information will not be entertained

Thank you, Carpe Diem and GOD Bless

Violet C. Imperial

Nature Awareness & Conservation Club, Inc. (NonStock, NonProfit    NGO)

5157964 (9am to 5pm Only)  / 09194839250 / 09155101600




My Life is GOD’s Gift to Me, what I do with it, is my Gift to HIM.


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