Biak na Bato National Park and Tree Planting


Tree Planting and Community Outreach Program

A huge split boulder which is the mountain hideout of the revolutionary forces during the Spanish regime and the place where the Malolos Constitution was signed by Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo and Pedro Paterno. It is where the historic Biak-na-Bato Republic was established.The park appeals to the adventurous spirit with its challenging rock formations. Hanging bridges and staircases connecting rivers and caves make for a pleasurable exploration.Among the many ecological attractions in Biak-na-Bato National Park are Bahay Paniki Cave, Aguinaldo Cave, Madlum Cave, Tanggapan Cave, and Tilandong Falls.

The local guides are former miners, wood poachers and forest hunters, Miriam College gave them the capacity to conserve and protect their environment by guiding in as alternative livelihood. Companies and Schools coming here are doing Corporate Social Responsibilities by getting their services as guides and as lunch providers. The lunch are native delicacy of San Miguel. Additional CSR services are book drive to the local school, tree planting and medical mission.


5 am ETD Manila and Breakfast on the way

8:30 Am Estimated Time of Arrival and

Community Orientation

Hike to Tree Planting site Tree Planting

12 nn Lunch prepared by the Local Community

2 pm Biak na Bato National Park Tour and swiming

4 pm Travel Back to Manila

7 pm Estimated Time of Arrival Back to Manila

Package Rate is upon request 

Inclusive of

  • Seedlings and Maintenance cost
  • Park Entrance Fees
  • Park Guides
  • Native Lunch prepared by the Local Community
  • Service of the Tour Coordinator


Not included are the fare to and from the site, donation to the local community, tip to the guide.


FOR Inquiry or Temporary Reservation

  • Please Fill up the blanks below and email to Earliest possible to get your travel goal well organized.
  • Company/Group: _______________________

Contact Person :___________________________

Land Line _____________________

Cellphone :____________________

Email Address:____________________

Target EcoTour/Location: _______________

Target Date of Travel :_________________

Number of Participants: _______________

Incomplete information will not be entertained

Thank you, Carpe Diem and GOD Bless

My Life is GOD’s Gift to Me, what I do with it, is my Gift to HIM.

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