Mt.Makiling Forest Reserve Fun Climb

MT. MAKILING Rain Forest Reserve

Botanical Garden and Hot Spring of Los Banos


This mountain park features large tracks of natural and old-growth forests as well as plantations of endemic and exotic trees. It presents geologic wonders like the mudsprings, flatrocks, creeks, waterfalls, caves and peaks. The reserve harbors endemic and endangered flora including kapa-kapa, tayabak, Malaboo, and others. Some wild animals: Philippine deer, monkey, wild boar, palm civet, cloud rat, monitor lizard, forest stream frog, fruit bat, forest dove, parrot, hornbill, eagle, falcon, kingfisher, and others

Fun Climb Mt. Makiling in Los Banos, Laguna, to give your self a treat of cool, fresh and clean forest air. Enjoy the view of the forest. After the hike, will be a rewarding hearty buffet lunch , and option to soak in the warm water of the hot springs in Laguna


5:30 am: ETD from Manila

         Take Out Breakfast at SLEX (pax account)

         Environment Eduction at Makiling Botanical Garden

         Register at Mt Makiling and start walking

         Buko Break (pax account)

         Mud pool, photo opps and trekdown


         Hot Spring Galore

5:00 pm: Travel back to Manil


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