Makiling, A walk to Health



1. Boosts Endorphins – Easing stress, Tension, Anger, Fatigue and Confusion in ten minutes

2. Reduces Glaucoma risk

3. Limits sickness – By halving odds of catching a cold

4. Halves Alzheimer’s Disease risk over 5 years

5. Improves Heart health by increasing heart rate and circulation

6. Works arm & shoulder muscles

7. Engages ab muscles

8. Improves Blood pressure by five points

9. Builds Bone mass – reducing risk of Osteoporosis

10. Limits Colon Cancer by 31% for women

11. Strengthens legs, including quadriceps, Hip flexors, and hamstrings

12. Improves balance – preventing falls

13. Burns MORE fat than Jogging


Only 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week can make you healthier and happier.



MT. MAKILING Rain Forest Fun Hike

Botanical Garden and Lunch by UPLB Junction,

Los Banos Hot Springs, Laguna


This mountain park features large tracks of natural and old-growth forests as well as plantations of endemic and exotic trees.  It presents geologic wonders like the mudsprings, flatrocks, creeks, waterfalls, caves and peaks.  The reserve harbors endemic and endangered flora including kapa-kapa, tayabak, Malaboo, and others.  Some wild animals: Philippine deer, monkey, wild boar, palm civet, cloud rat, monitor lizard, forest stream frog, fruit bat, forest dove, parrot, hornbill, eagle, falcon, kingfisher, and others


Fun Climb Mt. Makiling in Los Banos, Laguna, to give your self a treat of cool, fresh and clean forest air. Enjoy the view

of the summit overlooking Batangas, Manila and Laguna. After the hike, soak in the warm water of the hot springs in Laguna.



6 am : Assembly at Jolibee Alabang/

9 am : Estimated time of Arrival at UPLB

Buko break, Mudspring, Botanical Garden Forest Conservation Film Showing

1 pm : Lunch at UPLB Junction

2 pm : Relax in Los Banos Hot Spring

6 pm : Travel Back to Manila


Registration Fee P 300 and everything at Actual Cost. Base minimum 8pax.


Nature Awareness & Conservation Club, Inc. (NonStock, NonProfit NGO)

6978729 (9am to 5pm Only)  09155101600 / 09322439478



Skype: MotherNatureAsia and Twitter: Mothernature888

My Life is GOD’s Gift to Me, what I do with it, is my Gift to HIM.     



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