Wet n Wild White Water Rafting


Chico River, Kalinga Province


Kalinga’s Chico River, is an exciting rafting trip to the wilderness in the heart of Sierra Madre Mountains, where you can also enjoy ancient rice terraces, hanging gardens, gorges, limestone canyons, lush foliage and quaint villages. Be amazed by the cathedral church in Penablanca Caves

ULALIM & MATAGUAN RUN (6 – 7hrs) P 8,500/only

ULALIM RUN (3to4hrs) P4,000

MATAGUAN RUN (5-6hrs) P7,000

Day 0 9pm ETD ManilaDay 1 Sat 6am ETA Tabuk, White Water Rafting Chico Kalinga

Day 2 Option to go Callao Caving

Option to Go back to Manila

Day 0 9pm ETD ManilaDay 1 6am ETA Tabuk, ETA Tinglayan for Water falls & Culture Tour.

Day 2 8am Wetter & Wilder White Water Rafting

6 pm Option to go back to Manila OR

Day 3 Option to go Callao Caves & Lady of Piat 5pm ETD back to Manila


  • 1 Buffet meals Lunch
  • 1 Set Dinner
  • 1 set breakfast, 1 snacks
  • 1 night overnight
  • Jeep service Transfer
  • Rafting Equipments & Gears
  • Group Souvenir CD
  • Service of Rafting Leaders

  • 2 meals & 2 set breakfast
  • 1 overnight accommodation
  • Jeep service Transfer
  • Rafting Equipments & Gears
  • Group Souvenir CD
  • Service of Rafting Leaders
  • Water Falls & Culture Tour

NOT INCLUDED is the fare to and from the site, junk foods on the bus.


1. clothes according to itinerary and your fashion


2 Travel Water Bottle, trail food/snack

3. toiletries

4. Raincoat & wind breaker & sweater & Jacket, hat or cap

5. sunblock and lipbalm

6. Camera (please water proof)

7 Bags for pasalubong and souvenirs

8. Donation to the local school (optional)

9. Good Happy Sense of Humor J



  • Please Fill up the blanks below and email to mother_nature888@nacci888.org Earliest possible to get your travel goal well organized.
  • Company/Group: _______________________

Contact Person :___________________________

Land Line _____________________

Cellphone :____________________

Email Address:____________________

Target EcoTour/Location: _______________

Target Date of Travel :_________________

Number of Participants: _______________

 Incomplete information will not be entertained

  • Rates above are based on 8person minimum
  • early reservation or big group upon payment of the balance
  • Unused reservation fee, services, rooms, tickets, meals are non refundable and non rebookable BUT transferable to another person 48hours before the trip please notify the club, otherwise reservation will be forfeited
  • Balance of Package cost should be settled/paid in CASH 5days before the trip otherwise it will be forfeited and reservation will be cancelled.
  • Rate is subject to change with out prior notice (except when already paid)
  • If you don’t have a group of 7 we will put you up in a line up of other groups less than 7 and reconcile your schedules

Thank you, Carpe Diem and GOD Bless


Violet C. Imperial    

Nature Awareness & Conservation Club, Inc. (NonStock, NonProfit NGO)

5157964 (9am to 5pm Only)  09155101600 / 09229419632

EMAIL: mother_nature888@hotmail.com

BLOGSITE: https://philecotourism.wordpress.com

PHOTOS : http://www.facebook.com/group.php?v=photos&gid=8004451681



Skype: MotherNatureAsia

My Life is GOD’s Gift to Me, what I do with it, is my Gift to HIM.      


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