BATANES Ultimate Dream Destination


Ultimate Travel Destination

What I remember.

I was able to secure bus trip from Manila to Laoag and plane tickets from Laoag to Basco Batanes and return ticket Basco to Manila. We are all young professionals, medical doctors, nurses, physical therapist, lawyers, teachers, professional photographers,  and others. I told every body to bring a sleeping bags. Every body declared a day off, no consultation and turned into photographers.


Day 1 Upon landing we are checked in Ivantan lodge, was able to secure a jeep to take us around Batan Island. It was spectacular. All 30 pax fit in and on top of the jeep. Roof top is first come first serve basis.


Day 2 We have to check out really early to check out Sabtang Island and go around, we spend the night at the hospital. But functioning as guest house. There is a hospital bed, but everybody is scared to use it so we all slept on the floor with our own sleeping bags.


Day 3 We finished Sabtang Tour and moved to Batanes Resort just to bum and do the laundry. Some went up the hill, crossed over and under a barbwire and came back to the resort with scratches. I end up hitchhiking a big truck to bringing them at the hospital for their anti tetanus shots. The hospital looks so Americanized.


That night I got a bit confused I talked to the eldest in the group, I though professionals are the most disciplined, how come they crossed over and under a barbwire that is a sign of no crossing. He replied, chill, this is the place where they are free from judgement of employers and clients. That made me happy.


Day 4 Some of us packed up for Itbayat, some stayed. The trip is another spectacular boat ride. We all got dizzy, so we all had bonamin as snack on the boat. We arrived at the time bonamin took effect and got me sooooo sleepy. We saw a very small pilot house to spend the night.


Day 5 We checked out and went swimming while we wait for our boat. The wave is very tricky, you have to be super floater to get on and off the island pier. For Super swimmers only. Super fun, hard to explain.

During our trip back we went fishing and I got a really big fish as big as my legs. I was able to feed 30 pax with free fish sinigang and sashimi for dinner.


Day 6 We all check out and flew back to Manila.  Happier and better person. I love what GOD gave me. New friends. New Family.


WARNING TO DREAMERS; Please do Batanes 4days and more


batanes postcard

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