Grace To Be Born

Grace to Be Born Maternity Home and Nursery is a member of the womb to tomb ministries of Bo Sanchez. It also caters to the youngest beneficiaries.
A Catholic Community upholding the sanctity of human life through defending, protecting and nurturing the unborn babies from the moment of conception until their birth.MISSION:
Our mission is to express the infinite compassion of God, the Author of Life, by bringing girls and women in crisis pregnancy to experience a taste of God’s loving care by providing them with confidential and wholistic services to be able to bring their unborn babies to birth successfully, joyfully and lovingly.


Grace to Be Born was established in 2008 by Bo Sanchez, Rey Ortega and Betty Roxas-Chua. The couple Basti and Betty renovated their Pasig building and lent it rent-free to Grace to Be Born.

The place serves as a temporary shelter for the unwed pregnant mothers and an orphanage for the children born there. With no questions asked, no deposit required for board and lodging, and no social standing asked for, Grace to Be Born has become a haven for the young ones to be born in, and a place where their mothers have a chance for emotional and spiritual rebirth.

Basic Info

Facebook Fan Page

Location 53 Dr. Sixto Antonio Ave., Bgy. Kapasigan, Pasig City 1600

Awards Mother Teresa Award and Champion of Life Award

Products Hand made Christmas Cards and Greetings Cards, Ladies Accessories, Crazy Love Book by Rey Ortega and other books by Bo Sanchez.

Contact Info

Phone 6541377 or 09328880780 or 09178164700



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