Adopt a Turtle Conservation Tour

Adopt a Turtle in Pawikan Conservation Center

And Magrove Tree Planting

Best of Subic/Bataan Eco Tour for Family/Company or School Field Trip


Marine Turtles are transboundary creatures, they travel great distances to feed and grow. But because as hatchlings the imprint the magnetic fiel of area they always go back to where they were hatched after 25 to 30 years to copulate and lay their eggs.

How ever communities especially in underdeveloped countries, uninformed of their functions in the environment have hunted them down in the sea or slaughtered them while they lay their eggs in the beach for their shell and skin. While their eggs and meat are collected as food.

NACCI now promotes and support the Pawikan Conservation Center, a community based project of reformed poachers in the protection of the turtles.

Familiarize yourself with jungle survival techniques from US Navy-trained Aeta Training Officers. Visit the Mini Zoo and discover Subic’s diverse biological resources or see how the butterflies live and flourish at the Butterfly Kingdom. The sun. The sand. The sky. And a vast stretch of marvelous sea waiting for the beach bummers



Day Trip Itinerary DAY TRIP P1,999/pax (base Minimum of 8pax)

5am ETD Manila

8am ETA in Subic, JEST CAMP – Jungle Environmental Survival Training, Butterfly Garden, Aviary, Insectarium, Spider World, Subic View Deck

HEALTHY BUFFET LUNCH served in the traditional bamboo cooking by authentic Aeta

  • Triboa Bay Magrove Park
  • Turtle Sanctuary Bantay Pawikan

  • One Baby Turtle (option to adopt more at your account)
  • Healthy Buffet Lunch
  • Afternoon Snack
  • All the entrance fees
  • Trip Facilitator
  • Adoption Certificate

OVERNIGHT CAMPING P 2,499/pax (base minimum of 8pax)
Day 1 : Same as above

Camping Tent in Turtle Sanctuary

Day 2 : Buffet Filipino Breakfast

  • Option to swim
  • Option to do boat riding and videoke (pax account)
  • Break Camp and LUNCH (pax account)
  • Option to do slide for life (pax account)
  • Optional Subic Duty Free Shopping

3 pm Estimated Time of Departure back to Manila

5 pm Estimated Tim of Arrival in Manila


  • Same as Above
  • Overnight Tent Accommodation max of 3 pax; min of 2pax
  • 1 Buffet Breakfast
  • 1 Seafood Buffet Dinner
  • 2hrs Videoke after Dinner

Not Included : Lunch on Day 2

OPTION C : Overnight Aircon Accommodation P 2,888/pax (base min 12 pax)

  • Same Inclusion in Option B
  • Use of Resort Facilities
  • Aircondition room 3 to 4 pax sharing with own toilet and bath (instead of tent)

Not Included : Transfer to and from the Site, tip to the local guides or resort staff.

Other Cost

Up Grade to twin sharing : plus P500/pax



  • Book and Buy/PAY Reservation Earliest possible to get your travel goal well organized.
  • Please Fill up the blanks below and email to
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Incomplete information will not be entertained

  • Payment can be made at Las Pinas Home Office or BDO or Metrobank (for patrons n friends)
  • Please scan the deposit slip and email it to so we can email back the trip voucher, detailed trip info and official receipt.
  • All Reservation are non refundable, non rebookable, but transferable to chance passengers.

Thank you, Carpe Diem and GOD Bless

Violet C. Imperial

Nature Awareness & Conservation Club, Inc. (NonStock, NonProfit    NGO)

5157964 (9am to 5pm Only)  / 09194839250 / 09155101600 / 09229419632




My Life is GOD’s Gift to Me, what I do with it, is my Gift to HIM.


FREE Philippine Ecotourism Talk

Blessed Day to all,

Nature Awareness and Conservation Club, Inc. ‘s (NACCI)

VISION: A society where it’s citizen are aware of the value of its diverse natural heritage & working together for the benefit of the environment and the common future.


MISSION: To pursue effective environmental programs geared toward the conservation of the eco-system through outdoor environmental education.

Sagada 2009

NACCI had a great blessing and will surely have more in the future, and because of these and because it is already rainy season, we are offering FREE Ecotourism talk to tourism students and educators, to share our blessing with to others. Happy to serve and also share to LGU, NGO, and Tourism Industry. This offer will happen only during rainy season.

For inquiries on the FREE Philippine Ecotour Talk please email to or

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Coron Happy Family

So many blessing received, so many blessing to share

Thank you and GOD Bless


Violet Imperial

Nature Awareness & Conservation Club, Inc.

(NonStock, NonProfit NGO)

5157964 (9am to 5pm Only)  / 09194839250 / 09155101600