Tribal Products

Blessed Day to all Warm Greeting from Nature Awareness and Conservation Club, Inc. – volunteer NGO, non-profit, non-stock, ecotravel club now supports the BITICK Women’s Organization in Tabuk, Kalinga Province as part of our community help program. Below are the products that we are selling. The products can be used as Christmas Gift, two way, to your love one and helping our local tribe of Kalinga.  

ricewine.jpg   bugnay-fruit-wine.jpg     

Last Stock of Exotic Seasonal Tribal Wine & Condiments: 

20 bottles of Bugnay Fruit Wine at P 200 (700ml);     

9 bottles of Rice Wine (Tapey) at P 200 (700ml);   

10 bottles of  Bugnay Fruit Vinegar (big) 

1 bottle of Bugnay Fruit Vinegar (small) 

Products can be bought at 18 Pioneer St., Moonwalk Vill, Las Pinas City 8061720   (9am to 3pm) or coordinate if a staff is going to Makati Area.

       wine-condiments.jpg  Thank you very much for supporting our local Products and GOD Bless

4 responses to “Tribal Products

  1. I have an unknown plant in my backyard until someone told me its bugnay. It has many fruits. How can I earn from it. You might be able to help. I live in Pacita Comple, San Pedro, Laguna.

  2. Hi, I’d like to purchase several bottles of Strawberry Wine and Bugnay Wine of Benguet. Please let me know what price you are asking for each and if you ship to the US. Thanks!

  3. bugnay wine is a nutritious wine that contains enzyme that can help our body to cure and prevent from illness………….it can also prevent us from having urinary tract infection…………..

    anyway my mother and my aunt are making wines,today is the season of bugnay so they are making bugnay wine,if it will be the season of some fruits like lemon they will make lemon wine……….it depends in the season of friuts hat they are gong to make………..we are from sagada mountain province but we are staying at conner apayao region car……….u can contact me here :…………09157671631

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